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UFSoft 3.0


Factoring operations management system (SAFO) UFSoft

Software UFSoft 3.0 is intended for organization, leading and management of factoring operations and is worked out especially for the automation of factoring business. 

Software UFSoft automates the work of front-office and back-office of a factoring company (bank), has flexible system of reports. For a server of Data Base DBMS Oracle or MS SQL can be used. The program allows to carry out registration both on one company and on companies with wide network of branches. It must be mentioned that  "Тhe Module of Accounting Support" is implemented in the system. 

Authority organization and account of operations is possible both centralized and by separate branches, and also with limitation possibility of employees' access of branches to information created by other branches. In new version of Software UFSoft many elements of Risk Management and CRM Systems have been implemented on the core level, which allows employees of factoring companies to concentrate their attention on the  development of business . 


The program has the following architecture:     



Functional capabilities of the program:

• Multilevel system of conferring authority (with possibility of multilevel confirmation);
• System of privileges of employees;
• Support of the work of branches;
• Possibility of information access limitation;
• Multicurrency work;
• Possibility of carrying out international factoring;
• Possibility of handling several agreements with different conditions of service within the framework of one client-debtor link;
• Support of several tariff plans (both for factoring with or without recourse);
• Flexibility of tariff plans (possibility of application of special tariff plans for client, client/debtor link, for agreement within the link);
• Possibility of leading a wide product line and analytics from the point of view of products;
• System of fixing and changing limits with automated control of limit terms (as well as analytics of limit usage);
• Availability of a flexible system of reports;
• System of control of agreement terms (on factoring, purchase-sales agreements) and limit terms;
• System of keeping histories of changes of operations and data (with possibility of determination by users and operations);
• Availability of risk management system;
• Client module.



To ensureusabillity the system includes:

  • Possibility of personal adjustment of window types by each user ( includinng, the necessary list and order of field arrangement) and possibility of saving individual adjustments of each form;
  • Possibility of personl adjustmet of hot keys;
  • Possibility of personal adjustment of quick menu;
  • Availability of two filters for all the forms: general ( i.e. special for each form) and dynamic (flexibly adjustable filter which is created by the user);
  • Possibility of multi-level sorting by all the columns;
  • Quick transition between the windows with data filtration;
  • Possibility of quick export of information from forms in Excels




Integration, Adaptation and Technical Support: 


Within the framework of integration of the product full coordination with available systems of the company is carried out (accounting program, CRM programs, client bases, etc.).

Starting points for the adaptation of the program are the demands of the company, technologies of factoring and business processes. It relates to all the forms, processes and reports of the program.

Depending on the workload of adaptation and necessary level of integration, full installation of the Software can take approximately 10-12 weeks after contract signing.


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