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About us

Our company exists in the market of factoring and business solutions in the sphere of factoring since 2000. Since 2004 we have changed our profile and started to provide Debt Collection services and Risk Management services (without financing), as well as consulting in the sphere of Factoring.

Rapid growth of factoring market during the last years makes new demands to the professionalism of factors. Considering the growth of volume and quantity of operations made by factoring companies, as well as with widening of product lines, greater attention is paid to the automation and management of factoring operations.

Regardless of the fact that the company has appeared in the market of Software for Factoring Operations comparatively recently a number of ideas realized by us are pioneers in the sphere of Factoring. Solutions that we suggest are not just box solutions for factors, but a flexible system that is fully adopted to business processes and requirements of the factor.

We continually modernize our business solutions, updating the program, keeping hand on the pulse of tendencies of the factoring field, constantly widening functional capabilities of the program. While working out the program we proceeded from fact that the program must correspond to the requirements of both factoring companies and banks.

Our business solutions are fully adopted to Russian and Ukrainian Law. Our cooperation and experience exchange with many factors both in Russia and Ukraine allows our clients to find the optimal solution which best embraces all the aspects of business processes.


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