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United Factors Group - Factoring Software and Risk Management, Factoring Automation


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United Factors Group company is one of the leading providers of business solutions in the sphere of factoring and particularly software of factoring operations. Development of business solutions in the sphere of factoring is the basic direction of activity of the company.
We are glad to introduce You the third generation of factoring operations management system (FOMS) UFSoft, which includes the latest developments of the company in the sphere of business solutions such as Software of factoring and the system of risk management, the module of management and debt administration .

We permanently refresh the functional facilities of the program, in aspiration to satisfy all needs of our clients and industry in whole, trying to implement new business solutions and developing the functional facilities of the program.


UFSoft 3.0
System of electronic information exchange for trade operations UFTrade
EDI-платформа UFTrade с 15.07.2015г. доступна в бесплатной версии
Группа Компаний  U nited  F actors  Group  объявляет о запуске  БЕСПЛАТНОЙ  версии ED...